Thursday, July 24, 2008

Making the most of a global summer!

Summer is a busy time for everyone at the GSB - the admissions team is busy planning for next year's process, the academic services team is planning course schedules and 1st year students disperse across the world to intern with different companies, applying a year's worth of management theories and models to the real world.

To make sure prospective applicants do not miss out on the fun, we have tons of admissions events over the summer. Ranging from education fairs to school-sponsored events to informal student receptions, the events bring GSB admissions staff and students to a city near you and help applicants get a personal perspective on the GSB experience. The details of the events and links for signup are at:

We hope these events will help you prepare for the application season and get you set for the exciting journey ahead! We look forward to meeting you at an event and will be excited to share our perspective on the b-school experience and everything else…under the summer sun!