Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Throughout the 2 year MBA program at Chicago GSB, the folks in the Office of Career Services provide programming and advising to support us in our quest to find the perfect job+career. Some of those activities are driven by the staff, others are driven by second year students. This weekend will be one of the major programming events of the year. wInterview is a one day off-site event jointly run by Career Services staff and second years to prepare first years for their internship interviews (which start later this month). This is not a required event, but it is a "must attend" event because the experience is invaluable as you start the recruiting process.

Highlights of the sessions include:
  • Second year panel discussions with insider tips to navigate the process
  • Function-specific interview demonstrations (an actual recruiter interviews a brave first year and gives live feedback for everyone's benefit)
  • First year mock interviews, conducted by second years and recorded to DVD for posterity (to make fun of yourself later, and hopefully break your bad habits of saying "you know" and playing with your hair before your first real interview)
  • Review of the on campus recruiting process and website...the nuts and bolts of how to accept close list interview invitations and bid your way onto open lists
wInterview is one of the most helpful events offered by Career Services. Hope the first years are read for interview boot camp this weekend!

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