Wednesday, August 13, 2008

International students, keep walking!

One of the toughest challenges that many international MBA applicants face is arranging financial aid for their education and living expenses. And this is where the top schools prove their worth, extending exceptional support to admitted students by offering scholarships and loans with trusted vendors. Chicago GSB was no exception; through an arrangement with IDAPP (Illinois Designated Account Purchase Program), all GSB students could avail of different loans, with or without co-signors...till now. With the credit crunch taking its toll, IDAPP will no longer be able to continue this arrangement into the future.

But hey, thanks to some fast and intrepid work by Priscilla Parker and team at the Financial Aid Office, we have a new lender on board with a faster online application process, to boot. Check out a recent ClearAdmit post that details the issue.

So if you are an international student and had concerns about the student loan program at GSB, no worries… its business as usual! With that off your mind, we hope that you can fully focus on the application process, especially with R1 deadlines around the corner – keep walking and good luck!