Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Campus Visit Logistics

Special note for Admitted Students: Contact your AdCom if you would like to visit campus outside of Admit Weekend. They can help us arrange your visit so that we can best meet your needs as you decide which MBA program is best for you.

Step 1: Plan your visit to Chicago GSB
Figure out the best time for you to visit the GSB. Although info sessions and tours are conducted almost every day, we highly recommend that you come when school is in session and when current students are participating in campus visit activities. This way, you can get a student’s perspective on everything from classes to student groups to where we hang out at night. Current students will have a limited role in campus visits during schools breaks (Winter, Spring and Summer) as well as during the first and last weeks of each quarter.

Check out this site for campus visit exclusion dates (no visit activities offered on these days) as well as a general schedule of events for future date ranges. For those of you that want a little more than a regular visit, be sure to check out our “GSB Live” expanded campus visit offering on the same webpage.

Step 2: Register online for your visit
When you determine the date of your visit, please inform the admissions office so we can be ready to welcome you. To do this, you can register online here. This will help us ensure that we correctly match our volunteer resources with the volume of visitors coming in each day.

Step 3: Book reservations for travel and lodging
If you an out-of-towner, you’ll probably need to fly into Chicago and stay at least one night. Visitors often ask, “Which airport should I fly into?” Chicago has two airports: O’Hare (ORD) and Midway (MDW). You can use either airport for your campus visit and both have public transportation to and from the center of the city. However, Midway is much closer to Hyde Park and that can be advantageous. For example, if you won’t have much time to make it to the airport after your visit, you should choose Midway if possible. Depending on traffic and your mode of transportation, travel times to O’Hare from Hyde Park can range from 45 minutes to 2 hours during “rush hour”. On the other hand, you can typically make it from Hyde Park to Midway in less than 45 minutes.

As for lodging, the GSB does not have any preferred hotels. However, you can find a list of frequently used hotels here. In addition, you can choose to stay at the International House on campus, which is just three blocks away from the Hyde Park Center. You can learn more about the “I-House” here.

Step 4: Getting to Hyde Park Center
There are many ways to get to campus if you’re coming from Downtown Chicago. The fastest way is to take a taxi, which you can find easily at any hotel. Just tell the cab driver that you’re headed to 5807 S. Woodlawn in Hyde Park.

Public transportation is also a great option. You can take the Metra train to within a few blocks of the HPC. You can find the Metra schedule for the train to Hyde Park here. Note: if coming from Downtown, you can board the Metra at Millennium Station, Van Buren or Roosevelt Road. You will want to exit the train at 59th Street. If you plan take the Metra, call the admissions office for walking directions from the train station.

In addition to the Metra, you can take the CTA’s #2 bus from multiple stops Downtown to 60th & Woodlawn. The HPC is only a two-block walk to the north. You can find the schedule for the #2 bus here.

If you intend to drive, you can find directions here
. You will need about 20 minutes to drive from Downtown, and longer if you’re staying further north. Also, give yourself ample time to find a parking spot since parking can be difficult around the HPC. If all else fails, park in the UofC visitors pay lot on 55th St. and Ellis Ave and then walk to the HPC (it will take about 10 minutes).

Step 5: Enjoy your visit!
Ask lots of questions and take in the entire GSB experience! Be sure to sign in at the Admissions Office when you arrive.

Step 6: Getting back to the airport or your hotel
If you’re low on time and need to go to either airport right after your visit, your best bet is to take a cab. You can call ahead and reserve a taxi through most taxi services. While we don’t endorse any cab company, the easiest number for me to remember is Yellow Taxi: (312) T-A-X-I-C-A-B. You can also ask the admissions receptionists to help you contact a cab company. Cab rides to the airport will be expensive, but they are usually the quickest, most direct mode of transportation. See the travel times in Step 3 for estimates on when you should have your taxi pick you up.

If you have time, feel free to explore Hyde Park on foot or head back up to Hyde Park via any of the previously mentioned public transportation options.

Step 7: Give us feedback
We rely on feedback from our campus visitors to help us continually improve the program. You can post suggestions on our web forum (http://www.chicagogsb.edu/fulltime/forums), e-mail the admissions team (admissions@chicagogsb.edu) or contact any of the student volunteers you meet during your visit.

Best of luck to all of you!

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